Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb'08 Month-End Update

It's month end today, it is time to share some jerseys. Here are two long-sleeve Manchester United kit which I pickup recently. I've also applied a nameset onto one of the kit which I'm sharing the steps I did during the application process. Lastly, there are three more old jerseys from other clubs which I collected as well.
02-04 Manchester United Home Kit L/S
04-06 Manchester United Home Kit L/S
Here are the steps I did when applying the nameset onto my 04-06 Manchester United Home jersey.
1) Arrange the name and stick it
with masking tapes
2) Cover the name with a piece of cloth
and heat it with an iron

3) Name applied onto the jersey after
removing the plastic layer

4) Turn over the jersey and iron the name
to make it bond better

5) Name applied successfully
6) Arrange the numbers and stick it
with masking tape
7) Just as in Step 2, cover the numbers with
a piece of cloth and then heat it with the iron

8) Name and Numbers successfully applied
onto the jersey

99-00 Arsenal Home Kit*
00-02 Chelsea Away Kit*
03-04 Celtic 3rd. Kit
*I no longer own these jerseys

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Official Numbers and Letters Application Guide

English Premier League Guide
Guide for England NN
(07-09 Home/06-08 Away)
ArtCut Flock by Chris Kay
(04-06 Man. Utd. UCL NN)

Art-Tex by Chris Kay
(England, EPL & Real Madrid NN)

Art-Tex by Chris Kay
(06-07 Real Madrid NN)

PU iDentity by Sporting ID
(06-07 Man. Utd. UCL NN)

(Serie A Teams)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Replica Size v Player Size

I did some sizing comparison between a Replica & Player Barclays Premier League sleeve patch. The difference between the two patches are 2cm in length.

Replica Size
Height - 7cm, Width - 6cm

Player Size

Height - 9cm, Width - 8cm
Top=Player Size, Bottom=Replica Size
Front=Player Size, Back=Replica Size
Left=Player Size, Right=Replica Size
Player Size patch for current & previous season

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Weekend Project

Just finished my weekend project - applying name/numbers and patches on a few of my jerseys. Here are a list of work that I've completed.
1) 07-08 Barcelona Away Jersey - apply TV3 patch.
2) 06-07 Barcelona Away Jersey - apply TV3 patch and #10 RONALDINHO nameset
3) 95-97 Manchester United Away Jersey - apply #7 CANTONA nameset
4) 02-04 England Away Jersey - apply #7 BECKHAM nameset
5) 04-05 Arsenal Home Jersey - apply 03-04 Champions patch & #10 BERGKAMP nameset
6) 07-08 Real Madrid 3rd. Jersey - apply #17 v. NISTELROOY nameset

07-08 Barcelona Away Kit

Applying RONALDINHO name

Jersey with RONALDINHO name applied Applying #10 number
#10 number applied on jersey
06-07 Barcelona Away Kit - #10 RONALDINHO
Namesets from wiggysports
95-97 Manchester United Away Kit - #7 CANTONA
02-04 England Away Kit - #7 BECKHAM
Applying 03-04 EPL Champions Patch on the sleeve
Namesets applied on the jersey
04-05 Arsenal Home Kit - #10 BERGKAMP
Applying v. NISTELROOY name
Jersey with v. NISTELROOY name applied

Applying #17 number on jersey
Using a cloth to cover the nameset when ironing
#17 number applied
06-07 Real Madrid 3rd Kit - $17 v. NISTELROOY