Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a few more...

I've been trying very hard to restrain myself from getting more jerseys and to slow down in my collection. Somehow, there are just real bargains and good deals that I simply could not pass up. Well, here there are. Just a few more jerseys that I received this week. I will post more pictures later.

08-09 AEK Athens Home
08-09 Celtic Away
08-09 Ajax Home
07-08 Club America 3rd.
02-04 Manchester United Home

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nike P2R

Happy New Year everyone. This is my first post in 2009 and today I would like to share some info about P2R. For the 08-09 season, Nike has introduced a new jersey variant into the retail market called P2R in limited quantities. I do not know what P2R actually stands for (maybe Player to Replica???) but one thing I know is that these P2R jerseys have some characteristics similar of a Player Issue jersey integrated with a Replica jersey.

Below are some pictures of the 08-09 Atletico Madrid Home P2R and Replica jerseys for some comparisons and references.
The most notable differences are the material used on the back of the P2R jersey which has mesh ventilation holes and the La Liga badge on the right sleeve.
Can you identify which one is a P2R?
Both jerseys have embroidered Nike Swoosh and Club Crest.
The KIA sponsor logo are the same size on both kits.
Both jerseys have the NIKE FIT embroidery on the bottom left helm.
Both jerseys have the Nike Security Tag on the bottom right helm.
Both have washing label attached inside.
Spain flag on the back.
Nike Tag - The Style Code for Replica begin with #2 and P2R start with #3.
The material used on the back of the replica jersey.
The material used on the back of the P2R jersey.
Notice the difference, the mesh ventilation holes.
Comparison of the material from inside.
Note the differences on the La Liga badge, P2R uses player size badge.
Below are the list of 08-09 club kits available in P2R version that I know of.
  • Atletico Madrid Home L/S
  • Valencia Home & Away L/S
  • Juventus Home S/S and L/S
  • Inter Milan Home S/S and L/S
  • FC Porto Home L/S
  • PSG Home S/S